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 Bouquets in the Sky (wings2fly2heaven)

This poem was inspired by a dream I had about thousands of red and pink flower bouquets falling from the sky.  
The dream was quite surreal and very colorful too.    


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Lay me down for rest at noon

Desire heavy for mine eyes

Calling dreams charming visions

Of balmy colors raining from skies

Twirling bouquets with ribbons of red

Intensity and rapidity fell free

Thousands streamed far from above

Each targeted straight at me

Cherry contrast against sapphire sky

Held rays bright with glimmer and shine

Carnations of pink and passion's rose

Surely every bouquet woud be mine

Exclude tight grasp I couldn't catch

For each spun and spiraled too fast

‘twas in this twinkling imagination's view
This fleeting moment could never last

This vivid scene was inspiring indeed  

Reasons found in metaphoric rhyme

The lesson revealed descending bouquets

Not even one would ever be mine

© Pegasus Princess, Kelly Deacon
July 6, 2010
(Revised from original poem written in 2008)

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