once upon a time

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Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Here we are celebrating our protestant culture once again
It's the twelfth day. Lets march
Sorry, trample triumphantly over the catholics.
Hold our banners of old ideologies aloft.

It all may have happened in 1690. When?
1690 that's so long ago
No it's not, in our minds of hate.
It happened just yesterday.
That's why we march letting the fenians know
We always will declare no surrender.
That  means there shall be no peace in our time.

You know it's true that everything we do
We do for god and country
Our god, not your god.
The one old red socks and you revere.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
It's our day of hate.
Once again let's get drunk.
Light bonfires and celebrate our culture
Let's destroy our own ommunities with blazing rubbish.
After all we are the "people"
Degenerate force backed up by a protestant parliament.
Beat those Lambeg drums until our wrists bleed  
Then listen at the field to rhetoric of hate.
Our day of culture dawns
It's the twelfth once again.

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