Here is where you'll find me


Thought to lose myself from here
This place of write where calmed are fears
A place to call my very own
Where words love me and won't disown
With strike of keys softly I'll be
Engulfed with them, expressed to please
Both them and I in verbal hands
Feel much at peace upon this land
We fight feelings that come to steal
A moment ours of how we feel
So write we do with hopes you too
Become again a brand new you
Sorrow waits for easy prey
As so does hurt for heart to slay
But here, right here you turn these tides
Back to the ocean of darkened cries
Here is where you'll find me dear
Where pain endured we shall not fear
For refuge mine is here, right here
Upon my heart, you'd see quite clear

Here is where you'll find me ..X marks your spot

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Here is where you`ll find me

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