once upon a time

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Who is right, who is wrong.
In Gods mind we all are at fault.
To say God bless our soldiers seems
A travesty of Gods love for all of his creations
Who is right, the one who states he is.

The one who commits the worst atrocities
The governments who declares we will fight
The terrorist who declares I'm right, and we shall fight
None of them in Gods mind is right thou shall
Not kill seems to be a forgotten commandment of all
Our one God:- why do we not demand of governments
To look to our past to see clearly our future

Shall we forever waste the lives of  our young men,
And women give us peace, this word appears
To breed abhorrence in all our leaders.
Peace in our time when is it to be
Never it seems, we waste all
These lives, and our egoistical leaders
Bow their heads as the strains of the last
Ring out, ask them then
Do you cry for these young people
If you do stop killing, and maiming,
In Gods name:-- stop.

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