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Tit for Tat

Obama kicked ass good
with the boss of BP.
Now he's has had the practice
perhaps we'll all see
ass kicked at Union Carbide
about the Bhopal disaster,
still polluting the land
twenty six long years after.
With warrants outstanding
but no arrests made
just one of the drawbacks
of international trade;
for after all
just Indian lives blighted
and just Indian lives lost.
It's an old saying
that seems to be true,
do as I say
and not as I do.
So maybe ass won't be kicked,
or at least not very hard,
because it happened in India,
not in Obama's own back yard.

As an army vet I must stress this poem concerns only the murky worlds of international politics and big business, and does not in any way reflect on serving and past members of the forces, who, after all only carry out their leader's orders bravely and faithfully..

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Tit for Tat