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Whenever someone stands up and goes against the grain they bring upon
themselves the wrath of the established ruling order. All of the real
leaders, the real heroes are either dead or in jail because they stood
up like men against an oppressive system. What are we left with today,
an array of self proclaimed Imams, petty potentates with no backbone
who fear the displeasure of their Masters more than they fear the displeasure of Allah?

In the Western World and western influenced press any Muslim labeled
as being an Islamic Fundamentalist becomes a societal pariah. Anyone
who practices the basic or fundamental tenets of Islam is suspected
of being involved in unpatriotic terrorist behaviors. To believe in
"The Book" in its’ totality is no longer viewed as a virtue, it is
nowadays considered to be extreme. Some Muslims in an effort to avoid
being labeled an extremist and suffer repercussions and persecution
from authorities have accepted the mantle "Moderate Muslim."

They practice Islam but not strenuously. They have abrogated all
aspects of Islam that call for fighting in the cause of the weak that
and due to their weakness they are being oppressed by modern day tyrants.
They are sycophants of the New World Order which is based upon the
same Xristian Supremacist concepts that facilitated the mass murder
and colonization of the Americas, the invasion and colonization of
Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, North Africa, South Africa, India,
Singapore, Viet Nam, Indonesia and we could go on and on and on.
They have become mouth pieces in defense of the ungodly government
systems created by their cruel former Masters.

The story of the house Negro and the Field Negro has been expanded
from the plantation level to a planetary\global scope. And the
House Negro likewise has gone global. Today, you will find Uncle Tom
Chinamen, Uncle Tom Indians (Hindi), Uncle Tom Arabs and you’ll even
find a new species of Uncle Toms that go by the acronym MUT. I’ve
been told that it stands for MUSLIM UNCLE TOM.

El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Brother Malcolm X) once related the mentality
of the house Negro in comparison to the Field Negro. Although, he was
illustrating the plight of a people who had been kidnapped from Africa
and sold into slavery in the ameriKKKas, the story is broader and more
far reaching. The story of the House Negro and the Field Negro delves
into the mindset of those victimized by the European System of
Colonization and/or Race Based Slavery. The House Negro loved his
master and was happy to wear master’s hand me down clothes. He was happy
to eat food scraps left over from his masters table. He was happy not to
be in the heat of the tobacco and cotton fields. The Field Negro worked
from sun up to sun down in the heat of the field. He wore patched up
tattered clothes and was only given the fattest and worse parts of the pigs
meat to eat. The House Negro loved his master but the Field Negro hated the
master. The relationship between the slave classes wasn’t always good.
Slaves were rewarded with special privileges if they betrayed each other’s

Snitches would be rewarded for informing on those planning to rebel or
escape from the plantation. In 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a novel
entitled, "Uncle Tom’s cabin." She depicted Uncle Tom as a loyal slave who
loved his cruel master. One would think from reading the book that Tom loved
his Master more than he loved himself. However, the one thing that Uncle Tom
would not obey his master in was when he was orderedto beat another slave.
Tom, right out refused. He wouldn’t do anything to physically hurt
his people.

Today, modern day Uncle Toms are more loyal to their master than Harriet
Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom ever was to his. Without being asked, they will
beat their people down and sell them out. The Uncle Tom mentality is widely
prevalent in the minds and perhaps the DNA of descendants of slaves and other
colonized people subjected to White Supremacist rule, be that by chattel slavery or colonization. And regretfully, it seems
as though the MUTs are blindly following suit.

The repercussions of this historical reality negatively impacted the
physical and psychological health, economic, political, social and cultural
status of all who were victimized by the racist concept of Western
Race Based Democracy. The government sanctioned practice of slavery in
ameriKKKa gave the victims of ameriKKKanism no venue to redress the abuse
that they received. The so-called Supreme Court of the United States
ruled in the Dred Scott decision of 1854 that people of African descent
imported into the United States and held as well as their descendants
were slaves —were not protected by the Constitution
and could never be citizens of the United States. This type of White
Supremacist Democracy provided no hope for African people, only despair.
The Black-man had no right that a White man was bound to respect.
Hundreds of years of intimidation, brutal beatings, rapes, castrations
and lynching have caused the enslaved Africans to suffer from a
Collective Generational Traumatic Stress Disorder. A condition characterized
by self hate, social alienation, moral degradation, racial isolation
leading to anxiety and depression manifested through attempts of self
medication , mainly through alcohol and other drugs, excessive junk food
consumption and unregulated sex. Fortunately the MUTs have avoided all
of these pit falls except for one, self hate.

Millions of Africans in ameriKKKa who are the descendents of enslaved
African people have return to the religion that was prohibited by the slave owners.
These African Muslims born in ameriKKKa have returned to the religion of their
forefathers, Al Islam. Although, they identify as Muslims, many have identity
issues. Some believe to be Muslims means you must assume the cultural identity
of an Arab or Pakistani… but never an African. They hate all things African
and love all things Arab or Pakistani. Thus, they have become a new nationally
that we will call BLACKISTANI.

They have gone from riding on the back of a bus to riding on the back of someone
else’s camel. They don’t want to dress like or be who they are, namely, Africans.
They have a full blown identity crises and a hatred for self and all who are like
themselves. And just like the House Negro of old they are loyal to and love their
cruel masters. Without being asked they defend their cruel masters at every
opportunity and still they are profiled at airports, resorts and in city streets.
They appear to be more loyal to the ameriKKKan flag than they are to their
fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who are being raped, maimed and murdered by a
United Global Xristian Coalition lead by the Chief Uncle Tom Obama and his ameriKKKan
government. How could any Muslim of conscience say his loyalty to ameriKKKa is

There was a third type of slave that is seldom mentioned, the Swamp Negro. They
would not submit to the system that had enslaved them. They would escape slavery
and live off the land, away from Masta and the plantation, unable to get back to
Africa but free all the same. In 1852, Osman (Uthman) known as "General Osman"
became the leader of the North Carolina Dismal Swamp community from 1852-1862.
Osman (Uthman) was a runaway slave from Virginia and lived in the dismal swamp.
At one time the dismal swamp was partly owned by the cruel slave owning
George Washington, the first President of the United States. There was always
a freedom loving tradition among the Africans and a belief that death is better
than oppression. There wasn’t a single Uncle Tom among the ranks of the Swamp
Negroes. Who could ever had imagined Muslim Uncle Toms in the Ummah of Muhammad
(SAWS) ? Only a pure bred MUT would be so brazen as to say his loyalty to
ameriKKKa is unquestionable. So, if you don’t have the testicular fortitude of
Imam Anwar El Awaki, just shut up, keep your mouth closed and stop defending your
Masta. MUTS have an inability to stand tall and straight because they lack the
spine for it. Like Uncle Tom of old these modern day MUTS lack a backbone and are
possessed with an insane desire to please their Xristian and Jewish Mastas.

These Moderate, apologetic so-called Imams can never don the kufi’s of
El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Imam Jamil Al Amin, Imam Chief Malik El Kaabah,
Imam Shamsadeen Ali, Amir Shadid, the Martyr Imam Luqman Abdul Haqq,
Imam Musa Abdul Alim.


Habib Abu Lateef

Philly, Pennsylvania


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