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Orange fest 11Th night

Orange fest 11 night

Orange fest in Belfast Town glorious
Firelight to stain the night's sky, as once
Again we burn their Irish green, white, and gold flag
That effigy of the pope, cheer as we watch it burn
Wishing with all the hate in our hearts it was him

Bonfire night declaring we are British.
Such a nonsense term even the English,
Scottish, and welsh who live on the island
Of England do not say we are British, only
These moronic hate filled loyalists cry, no surrender
We are brutish is their war cry, reality is that they
Are Irish,politically manipulated people?

No industry to sustain them, all lost to
The tide of time now they walk the dole line
Weeping into their bonfire, but we are the people
Are we not, no, nor ever where, just fodder for politicians
Who quietly lined their own pockets with?
 Irish and English money, cheer get drunk, and
Watch your heritage turn to ashes its great to be British

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Orange fest 11Th night