once upon a time

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Sent: 11 July 2010 10:17:30
To:  john mc guckin mcguckin (lizsm3@hotmail.com) POEM BY MICHELLE

A past so troubled, impossible to erase.
A brand new life with a less worried face.
Demons to haunt you because of it all.
Ready to break you, ready for a fall.
Yet, destroyed as I was with a nasty addiction
Recreating a future this time fiction.
For reality was unbearable and sanity at bay
Thank God for the help to see a new day.
Say a few words to thank the creator.
Gone are the days of the dark invader.
Never erased always there.
The difference today is no more despair.
Your past makes your future.
No matter how bad put it behind you. Never stay mad.  
People who love will love and forgive.
People who cant, in your life no longer they live.
Time is a healer. Our demons will remain.
However they ease and we bury our pain.

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