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 Never Say...Never!
Shackles of guilt throughout life,
for sins never committed.
Accusations, pointing fingers and
raised eye brows revealed their distain  

Judgmental critics followed in the sunshine
or rain, all the days of his life  

They said, he's from the wrong side of the tracks,
 a dirty little throwaway boy with no parents,
 no guidance, and no earthly worth,
just an urchin of the street.

He'll never amount to much for
 he's an orphan of an unknown
No schooling and not very bright!
He'll end up a shoeblack or worse yet…
a prison shirt on his back.

His skin was black and his name was Jack,
boxing became his fame

Jack Johnson was the worlds first black
heavy weight boxing champion!
The year was 1906.

The little black street urchin had beaten all odds,
and had silenced his childhood critics forever.

Never say …never!

Jackie R. Kays
© 2010

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