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Binder Band

We used to tie our keks with binder band
Both at the waist and at each knee
On a scale of one to ten
Not a modish sight to see;
But when we were threshing
We didn't think of that
Just that the binder band
Could stop any invading rat.
For when we were forking stooks
To the elevator from the stack
Nesting rats were liable to
Climb and bite and attack,
But a good length of binder band
Would keep the buggers out
As they flailed
And ran about

Until the terriers would catch ‘em,
Maybe tear ‘em to tatters,
Lovely dogs really
But really vicious ratters.
Country life
Was more simple then
Everything had
Its where and it's when.
You don't see many stacks these days
Nor so many farms for that matter;
Food all out of season tasteless,
It's cheaper and supposed to be better.
And you never see a threshing team
Touting for work about the land
And I wonder if you can still buy
Those huge great balls of binder band.

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Binder Band