once upon a time

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Spending every moment of every
Hour on the road loving life that's what I do.
That's all I am a lover of life.
Drifting along down highways, and byways.
Maybe some day I will get it right,and
Stop of somewhere don't know where.

Doesn't matter so long as I keep on
Keeping on, loving life. What can go wrong.
Keep a smile on your face a few good friends close,
And of course any enemy's closer still.

Loving life is a god given gift.
 I won't want to waste it
Cursing, and judging others
Over some imagined slight.
No time to do anything only smile.
Help other drifters along.

Our thoughts may not be beguiling.
Walking along share a smile.
Your last smoke or even a drink.
Doing so I shall forever be in love with life.
Don't want no office job no wife.
I'm keeping it simple, smiling, and drifting
Along enjoying this life in my own easy crazy way ////

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