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 Stressful Daze

Planetary alignments, comets, and asteroids;
Each with a magnetic effect on my very core.
Woozy imbalance, the harmonics are off kilter;
Feeling within a stressful daze, or is it more?

Reaching into the well of universal knowledge;
Bringing a cool dipper to my mouth to drink.
My senses are on alert, life is whirling around;
It is only a stressful daze, or that is what I think.

In tune with the depths of life, not just the surface;
Exploring the reality stripped bare of the glitter.
Sailing without a compass in uncharted waters;
A stressful daze, or is it the universal transmitter?

Is my sugar imbalanced, blood pressure out of whack;
Am I simply having an inner ear issue, or is it what?
Feeling the magnetic forces  of the universe tugging;
Is it a stressful daze, or am I simply a certified nut?



Talking to many folks the past few days, I am wondering
about the woozy sensations embracing me.
Is it simply a stressful daze… or is it something
beyond human comprehension?

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