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 ~*~ WHEN YOU SMILE ~*~{RePost by Special Request}

Ten Commandments Pictures, Images and Photos
When you smile, the whole world smiles with you,
When you ridicule others' you will be ridiculed too!
When jealousy of others tears at your heart,
It will only make your tear drops start
When you lie to ruin another's reputation
It is Satan's way of stealing your salvation
If you walk with the Lord as He commends us to
None of these things should pertain to you
Do you recall, a childhood rhyme,
when bullies thought they were hurting you?
"Sticks and Stones will Break my Bones,
but Name Calling will Never Hurt me",
So go ahead, break our bones, see if we care!!
They did it to Jesus,they were so very unfair
Saving our soul is our most important affair!!
Smile and the whole world will smile with you,
Ridicule and the devil will get the clue!!
Repent of your ways is what you should do
God does not sleep and watches over you!
Slander is a word that does not have much worth
Preached by Jesus when He walked the earth

`In Christ Alone`

`In Christ Alone`
Author's Note:

`Please be advised that this write in no way
points a finger at anyone special~
it is just a write in general!

`revised with new graphic:

Much love with aloha hugs,
*2009*~all rights reserved
{repost request; thank you my friend!!}

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