once upon a time



Why not, why not what, I don't know.
Just accept what I got. May not be a lot.
There is no good keeping on asking
Why me. I ask why not me, you.
Could be anyone.

Out there are lots people.
Various colours,many tongues.
Lot of them doing good lots not
So good.

We need to ask ourselves why not.
On the one hand dictatorship.
Legacy of the white man.

Forgot he is part of the human race.
only race there is.
Because of power, and colour
He thinks why not he's better
Than you, me, and us.

Ask yourself why not us.
Lot of wonders in Gods world.
We got a right to take a bite.
Get of our knees let us arise.
The great are only great
Because we are on our knees.

Lot of fancy sayings
They work if we listen,and
Make them work for us.

Every day we do nothing is
A dismal day for all of us.
Reach out this great world belongs
To us all lets ask:-Why Not.

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