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resume - or there and back

he was such a charismatic leader
with his cheerful youthful grin
and his team of advisers
all dedicated to spin;
and he stood before the people
with those youthful good looks
promising an honest government,
no more cooking of the books.

he backed the special relationship,
was the very first statesman
to pledge his support for
the invasion of Afghanistan;
 seemed to acquire the taste
couldn't wait for more
so invaded Iraq
in a probably illegal war.

and the bodies still build up
as wootton basset mourns for all
with very little realistic chance
they made lasting difference at all,
for there's suicide bombers in Iraq
and though they do all they can
the only way of leaving kabul
is to start talking with the taliban.

he chose the right time to leave
as his cardboard house began to fall
leaving his unfortunate successor
to try and deal with it all;
and his political experiment
had a foreseeable cost,
huge lack of confidence
and the election lost.

but he goes on to glory
as with commendable ease
he tours the lecture circuit
demanding and receiving huge fees;
and he's back on the gravy train
as peace envoy to the middle east.
I supposed when you get used to it
it's hard to refuse any free feast.

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resume - or there and back