once upon a time

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Used to be a joke went around he's got a G.D.E degree.
Isn't he the responsible guy?
Now if you put your B.I.N out on the street
With God forbid wrong garbage infill
That big man with his garbage disposal expert degree
Shall remonstrate most strongly with you
As he flicks through your garbage

And, wonder of wonders, the years that we must appreciate
Perfecting that most perfect part of his G.D.E
That's when he demonstrates his first class honours degree
Pitch perfect. Tut' tut' tut'.
That's a first grade honours degree, reclamation
On how you should display your garbage
After all this man with his G,D,E degree is your bin man
Council paid him through the G.D.E sites
Now he is qualified to tell you how to fill your bin.
It's truly a wonderment to have a degree in G,D,E.

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