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 Ode to the MIA's of th Vietnam War

Ode to the men who fought and forever
 disappeared, their names are on the wall,
 sometime, somewhere in that jungle land
 they gave their all!

Long shall we remember the suffering they endured,
tiger cages, slave camps, starvation,  forced marches
and brutality beyond our imagination for sure.

They are the silent heroes of that long jungle war.
The burning question will always remain…
How did they die…
Where did they die…
and When did they die?

Their loss to this day seems like a sin…
 for we shall never know exactly,  
 How, Where  or When their live were
 sacrificed for their countrymen.

Missing in action…
was their fate, but their
flag still flies high and
we will remember them
forever and never stop
How, Where and When?

They were all courageous
young warriors to the
bitter end.

May God bless their souls and
may their spirits soar with eagles!

Jackie R. Kays
© 7/22/10

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