Of Brother Loved and Uncle Ansel

Mid 60's too young to leave
Today sister and niece now grieve
The loss of one so dear to them
As death became what time would lend

Card games played and drinks to toast
Where better days still mean the most
In heart and soul that still sees them
So full of life when then was when

Laughter his and time well spent
Will be forever his heaven sent
To be with those he leaves behind
If just this thought, keep this in mind

He spent his life sharing with you
A part of him knowing well too
He takes a part of all he knew
Sister and niece mentioned here too

You shared the better part of him
In life, his joy and heart you'd win
and so would he upon him saying
Goodbye to all, last breath his praying

Be not sad and keep with you
The very thing that drew me to
In life I shared with you I loved
No less today in me thought of

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Of Brother Loved and Uncle Ansel

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