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 Nails and Tires

Drive over a nail with your tire
Sooner or later the air will expire
This just happened to me Friday
Towards the end of the work day

Another lady who leaves at 4:30
Saw and reported it as a kind duty
I could have easily had to get a tow
Had I not found out early it was low

I checked it out and noticed it was flat
Knowing that I needed help as a fact
So I called one of the guys downstairs
He had no success with pumping in air

I kindly asked if he could change it to my spare
But my jack was stuck in the trunk holder there
Finally he went to his car and got his jack
Cranking the handle, he was now on track

Fortunately, a tire place was a block away
They were closing, but he took it anyway
I called earlier saying I was coming soon
It would be done Sat., be there before noon

They switched the tires and I was on my way
That was not the first time they saved the day
Before it was just a little low, but needed repair
So I left the car and later picked it up down there

I am so grateful for God's timing in finding out
Enabling me not to be stranded without a doubt
Less than a month ago, I was out of town for a day
If it had happened then, He would have made a way

I was also reminded of the nails of Jesus on the cross
Where He bled and died, paying the ultimate cost
His wounds pierced deeply into His hands and feet
He willing took my place, Satan's power to defeat

Two totally different nails, but each one pierces
The first is designed for builders and carpenters
The other is a large spike used for crucifixions
But His wounds could not prevent resurrection

Carol Salter 7/24/10

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