once upon a time

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Living in this city were metal giants dominate our skyline.
Creeping along on ribbons of steel.
Building only ghost ships now,
Giant cranes named Samson, and Goliath.
Wait on Belfast to build real ships again.

Belfast once stood on giant shoulders
Forged by its workers.
Women of the mills, men of the shipyards.
Factories supplying steel, linen, hemp, ships, aircraft.
Belfast once walked tall alongside mighty rumbling giants.
Only Samson and Goliath remain.
Their ribbons of steel lie rusting.

Belfast beckons 'look at our history'!
Mayhem of workers pride helped cause my downfall.
Tears of rust stream down these mighty metal giants' flanks.
Time has passed them and Belfast by on the road to progress.
Will Belfast ever, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes?

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