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 Unique Moment

I am smiling today, wondering why this feeling of bliss;
Unable to grasp anything concrete, nothing on my list.
Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I simply enjoy;
Accepting this unique moment,  it is the real McCoy.

My soul tingles with delight, bringing me feelings of peace;
Never grasping onto the moment, it is catch and release.
Like the clock sweeping around, counting off my time;
Enjoying this unique moment, remembering it in rhyme.

Logic and joy never go hand in hand, joy is omnipotent;
Blessing me without reason, logic it does circumvent.
This morning, my smile is big and without any reason why;
 Embracing this unique moment, my spirit does fly high.

When the moment passes, it leaves a vacuum… waiting;
Open to all aspects of life, receiving what it is creating.
Good or bad, that is only a judgment within my mind;
Another unique moment, I am no longer walking blind.

Accepting reality brings with it a pleasure beyond belief;
Trusting, believing, allowing; not fighting against in grief.
Life is; simple is this fact, yet sometimes hard to accept;
Another unique moment; I am becoming so very adept.


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