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    A  lmost All Ambitious People have
    B  usy Bees Buzzing in their Brains?   Is it true
                                           that they
    C an't Concentrate beCause of
    D emanding, Disturbing, Demoralizing thoughts
    E ating away at Endless Emotions?  I
    F ind it Fruitless to Function.  please
    G ive me a Goal to Get to, and i will
    H eed not to the Hankering in my Heart.
    I nstead i will Institute my Intuition.  I must
    J ump into my soul and make Just Judgments, while
    K arefully Koncealing my Kontempt for the fact that
                                              i'm not
    L iving, Loving, Laughing.  i
    M ust Manage my eMotions.  i
    N eed Never Nurse
    O pen wounds, Omissions from my life, or Obsessions.
                                             i must
    P ut Petty thought Processes to sleep, and stop
    Q ueer Queries in my Quest for
    R eason, Rationalism, and Re-establishment of my
    S ense of Self and Sanity.  it's
    T errible to Tempt Temptation. when i think
    U ncontrollable thoughts, i am Undergoing Ubiquit-
             ousness, which makes me
    V ery Vulnerable to Variables,
    W hen i should be Willing to Wait for my
    X istence to become less Xhausting. otherwise i
           may become Xtinct. so, should i begin to
    Y earn and Yen for past Years, just tell me,
    Z ip to it girl! your Zest for living will return,
                         if you're Zealous.
                                    Annette Wexler, 1980 (:-(

    Today, I have learned to use more simple words.
    In plain English:
    I NEED A HUG!!!!
                                   Annette, 2010 (:-)
Hugs Pictures, Images and Photos    

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