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Paw Prints Upon  My Heart

Just a feline, yet willfully strong
and regal as regal can be
Steadily learning right from wrong
and testing the waters defiantly

With a sauntering walk, an air of pride
and confidence no other could measure;
I knew without doubt, deep inside,
your presence was my treasure

I took for granted the time that passed
leaving paw prints upon my heart
not really considering it wouldn't last
and one day we'd have to part

You "spoke" to me in your own way
and in each sound I could detect
each message that you wished to convey
in your own "kitty" dialect

But if I had to pick a voice
from your whole kitty repertoire
your comforting purr would be my choice
as most soothing and calming, by far

I watched you age so gracefully
living time with no regret
but nature took you peacefully
A cat I can't forget

For Bengal
May 1997 - July 26, 2010

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Paw Prints Upon My Heart

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