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Moving on iii

I suppose it's being older that brings
Memories flooding from the past,
Just needing any apt reminder
To return them to the fore at last.

when we came into hull
it was a childhood treat
turn along carr lane
half way down the street
the gainsborough fish restaurant
proudly standing there
always sparkling and clean yet
with a genteel shabby air
they only served fish and chips
always with cups of tea
sometimes we'd a special extra
green mushy peas
half a slice of white bread
half a slice of brown
lashings of salt and vinegar
to help it all slide down
a fish and chip restaurant
of the better sort
a fitting eating place
for a fishing port
although the fleet went
the gainsbporough survived
for so many years
you could say it thrived
and then it got smaller
tried to hang on
as eating habits changed
and then finally it was gone

I noticed today it's now an Indian place,
Noticed they've kept the old name,
But a Gainsborough Indian Restaurant
just cannot in any way be the same.

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Moving on iii