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Yesterday, Today, and…

Yesterday, Today, and…

when I woke up from this hibernation
your picture laid next to my eyes
i grabbed it, took a good look,
and tried to remember what day it was,
and who I was
if I was young or old
….and if you and I were still together

I cried and looked around
stood up and saw the willow behind me
quick flashes of the cemetery, the well and the stream…
weeping angels and laughing demons ignoring me

interrupting the torment
I but suddenly remembered you.
instantly, normality and ritual were dominated by
overwhelming compassion and endearment
the ordinariness of a casual relationship was quickly overshadowed by
a glimpse of the vivid and powerful love that originated the
establishment of our affair

thus, a relief of recollection came into me
today was a beloved day,
I was I
and I was young
….and you and I were still in love.

© Dayna Elizabeth Lunstrum 2010
dirtangel poetry / for REVISION

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Yesterday, Today, and…