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Release (rhyme about weight loss)

Release (poem about wt. loss)

This is 'dark themed' poem about burning off more calories than taking in. This poem also includes references about working a physical job.
"So these combined, formed a rhyme".

Ungathered energies with fists turning white
Holding onto walls in darkness from light

My Savior of ages cast sleepless spells
Am I losing a battle in a weightless hell?

Spiraling downward, I stumble down stairs
Bumped and bruised but gathered with care

Burning fragile ovens huffing sounds stoked
Have demons been released which I never provoked?

Pain is ever-present scores of aching scenes
Clothes falling off sewn tighter at the seams

Release for ‘the one' release let it go
Start feeding the hunger start to gain control

I'm finding new strength, I'm holding on strong
Where my rightful weight, is where I belong

Only a select few (aside from my fiance' and family) know of my wt loss.  I'm trying to gain, and maintain.  Good news is that I'm not sick (had a bunch of medical tests).  Just a circumstance of metabolism running high, and working a physical job.

For anyone wishing to shed extra pounds, the key is activity, but don't lose too fast either, it should be gradual

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