once upon a time

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What can I do? What can I say?
Nothing I can say.
Nothing I can do.
Wring my hands, weep tears of hot regret.
What use tears as Palestine dies?

Nothing I can say. Nothing I can do or undo
Israeli troops kill, again and again.
Nothing I can do.
Nothing I can say shall change things.
Israel has carte blanche.
Must be alright. Barack, Brown agree.
They say nothing. There's nothing I can do.

Carry on weeping tears of indifference.
Israeli bombs, and Hamas rockets maim and kill the innocent.
What can I do, what can I say?
Can I not win by ballot box?
Watch Israel defeated by world's abhorrence.

That is what we can do. That is how we do something.
No longer stand back in cold indifference to a nation's plight.
It's Palestine's right to live on the land.
Their land that Israel annexed.


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