once upon a time

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Lifelines stretching back into centuries ago.
How far back do we need to go to begin telling the tale?
19th century is remote enough.
The famine years of 1846 in Ireland.
Land of my ancestors, that’s the moment in time.
My grandparents were born.

Another moment in time, 1965.
Teenagers met in a dance hall in Belfast town grandly named the Astor.
Asking Geraldine may I have this dance?
Innocent phrasing.

Strolling homewards later.
Then those fateful words, may I see you again?
That moment in time creating another timeline.
Karen, Joanne, Emma.

Lineage bestowed by those few words may I see you again.
Never once regretted, though war often declared.
Then grandchildren arrived.
First Christian, then Jordan, Amber, Trey, Caedon and Marcus.

Now a flower has bloomed in Australia called Lilyana.
Yet another lifeline bestowed in a land far from ancestral homelands.
Lifetimes and lifelines flow onwards
The mists of time, an endless streaming.

love you all:- your grandad/ johnoe...............john mc guckin

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