once upon a time

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It's early morning, and I'm staring
At a tree, seemly slouching against, the
Early morning mist, and I think.

Unlike the corner boy who
 Never thinks, only reacts.
That the tree will blossom gracefully,
As sunlight chases away,
The mist. The corner boy
Slouching, with hands in pockets

Shall, never offer the shelter
That the tree provides. With deep
Brooding eyes he gazes, balefully
Upon the world.

Nature nurtures, the corner boy destroys.
One wonders, shall he ever stand erect.
Stare straight, and true, provide shelter,
And protection to his young.

The slouch says it all, "I don't care.
The tree, and I care, we need to declare,
The days of indifference, are over.
 We all must provide care, and shelter.

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