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What people say and do are two different things
In private they express one view then will switch
They agree with you until your back is turned

They say they appreciate your view on a subject
Telling it like it is when you see what is wrong
But when an evil one yells back they run or hide

They will complain about things here in the world
Then pretend that they never had any views at all
They'll avoid any kind of connection to your views

Well that's okay if that's the game they need to play
But remember it the next time you decide to complain
I'll stand up for my beliefs while others play games

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Some people swing their views back and forth faster than a weather vane
caught in a violent wind storm, just to stay on everyones good side at
any given moment in time. They'll switch views on every single subject
discussed just to be part of the current in crowd who express their own
views regardless if the views are right or wrong. I am amazed that they
don't get dizzy and fall down from all their spinning back and forth so
many times as they keep switching their own viewspoints on each subject
whereas I will stand tall and defend my own personal views and beliefs.
It doesn't matter to me at all if you agree with my views or not that's
your right, you are entitled to your own views and I'm entitled to mine,
so If you don't agree or like my views then you don't have to come here
to my site and read my poems or my views of life. I don't let the views
of others change my beliefs or my point of view just because it is not
the same as theirs, it's very simple you see if you don't like what is
here, then don't come here it's that simple and easy. I don't care who
is in or who is out of the so called in crowd and you shouldn't either.

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