once upon a time



Why did I not get to know you?
Never stopped longer than t,
Say hello, is he ready to go.
Just there to drive him, to work.
Never stopped to ask you, a question.
Always walked away, never looking back.
Hadn't thought about falling in love, after all,
You and me, such old time friends.

Quite simply, never knew you.
Even when I was with you,
Never realized you, were only you,and I
Used to people being, other people
Never took the time, to know you.
Sadly you passed away,
Now I cannot drive away, or say hello.
Too late, I'm wonderfully trapped,
In loving you, time is so finite.
We forget, only a short span is allowed,
And it is but a moment from, cradle to the grave
In loving memory of wee Lizzie Lough ran of Scotch Street
The Pound loney, Belfast.

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