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Knight of Eld

Howe'er dark the night may be,
Howe'er faltering sight to see;
Hold fast valiant ones, be not dismayed
E'en when doubts arise an tempers be frayed.

Be certain thy cause is righteous an just,
Then gird thee for battle, if battle thou must.
Let conviction an courage fortify thine sword arm;
With the shield of faith guard the innocent from harm.

Draw forth thine blade of sharp edged steel,
An strike a blow for right and weal.
Let not thine arm grow weary as thou dost toil,
Whate'er the struggle in this mortal coil.

Battle on brave soul, ne'er be dismayed,
Neither falter nor let thine thoughts be swayed.
Fix thine sight 'pon goals which ne'er tarnish nor rust,
Lest all thine treasures turn to rubble an dust.

Be thou like unto ancient knights of elder lore,
Who didst battle great evil, an sufferings bore
'Thout complaint or clamor, yet stoic an strong
Whither their struggles were short, or eternally long.

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Knight of Eld