once upon a time

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Struggled onto a train, slumped into a seat.
Think it was a Monday, wasn’t going anywhere.
Guessing the driver knew we would end up somewhere.
Anyway, I was hung-over.

Going any place held more appeal than going nowhere.
Train moved off as it was trained to do.
Glanced askance at my fellow travellers, thinking 'bloody hell'.
They looked a lot worst than I felt.

Train slowed, lights changed to red, same colour as my eyes.
And there sat I in this carriage of early morning thinkers.
Me! I’m drinking, they’re all moaning about their bosses and getting sicker.
Oops, bloody light has turned green.
Same shade as my fellow travellers.

Holy God, now I’m really going somewhere.
Stuff it! Think I’ll get off at the next stop and go to the drinking club.
In the morning I won’t be worried about my carriage inmates.
They’re the people in a hurry, i’ll just be hung-over.
Struggle onto a train going anywhere or nowhere.

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