once upon a time

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Silently, the owl swoops, catches its prey,
Soars skywards to alight upon the eyrie.
There it devours its kill, hunting only to live.
In it's world, natures preserve it must survive.

Why does humanity hunt? There's no need to kill.
Old and infirm their specialty.
No threat to their masculinity, the only reward fear.
Elderly trying to survive in this inexplicable world.
A world of hate and debilitating fear.

Once again the thugs win.
The elderly huddle together fearful.
All vestige of humanity swept aside in bewilderment.
Lost in a prison of indifference.
Indifference built by the silent majority.
Their joy in living shattered.

Locked in fortress blocks of concrete
Imprisoned by the fear of the crime,tired and weary.
They should be allowed to smile after life's travails.
Humbled, they only ask on bended knee 'please help me'.

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