Walkin on Air


I really don't mind so much anymore,
you know
it's sort of like
the sunbeams are my own,
can keep them for a spell
while they last that is:
sometimes they trick me
with a no show
maybe they come and go,
they're my floor clock
tell me when it's feed time
or turnkey inspection
sweet, sweet sleep into whatever-land;

used to be an actor you know
not much success though,
always chasing bill payment cash…
here the stage is mine:
the lights, the props, the audience,
just have to stare at the bricks
shared with an old rat
like me, ha!

always popular on this stage,
nobody throws me out you know
nobody boos or cheers,
always popular
nobody cares:

they'll hang me tomorrow you know
been waiting for 29 years;
that'll be the big stage
lots of live ones will come,
don't like crowds,
got no one left who remembers
been barred from love too long;
I really don't mind so much anymore
you know…

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