Walkin on Air

Deutscher Schäferhund

Misery loves company,
so does loneliness:
scrawny and neglected
regal and proud in his own way,
the sad eyes
telling a story beyond reason,
there he sat
abandoned on the sidewalk of life…

Some ignored,
most feared him,
none fed or cared for him;
I had to stop.
My entire will ceased to allow
any mental bypass surgery
in the name of irresponsibility.

Patiently waiting
for a smidgen of mercy
this orphaned Deutscher Schäferhund
in a city of millions of lost souls
knew me
before I knew him.

“You're hungry, eh?”
Rhetorical really;
“Where is your master?
Don't you have a family,
or someone to complete you?”

What else could I say?
Wincing slightly as I
gently stroked his head,
he permitted the intimacy.

“You can come with me
if you want,” I said.

Slow determination
got him up to follow
at a distance,
as if were he debating
my sincerity:
since then he never left
my side until
one day
he simply disappeared.

Reversed roles:
now I was the one to look out
for him,
mayhap he would come back?

Joy mixed with pain
knowing he'd been happy...
but me?

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Deutscher Schäferhund

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