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Only Then

Baby, my intentions are far beyond this,
Which is all that you allow your eyes to see;
If we can just stop for a moment, reminisce
Only then would you see that there isn't one like me.

One who cooks, cleans;
One that works, dreams;
One who fits so well in your plan,
That's why God blessed me to be your man.

Baby, I know that an ego is hard to surpass,
Especially, if we both yearn for each other
If we can just stop for second, relax,
Only then would we make it with one another.

Make it by fire, by rain;
Make it through tire, and pain;
Make it together, no matter what comes with life
That's how God will make you my wife.

Only then, can we be one?
Only then, can we be?
But for now, let's try to have fun.
Then, we can eventually see...
What "only then" may bring us three.

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Only Then

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