Tattoos in Mayberry

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Save the Hippies from extinction.
There's hardly any hippies left.
Everywhere you look
Otters penguins, manatees, koala bears
red-tailed hawks
peregrine falcons,
Snow  Leopards, Reindeer
hardly any hippies.
Forget the whales
,just do the math
they have the whole ocean to roam
While Hippie homelands currently, spans small slivers of Portland and Eugene.
.Smidgeons of Washington, Idaho,
and Arcata,California.
Especially endangered, are the genus "city Hippie". These
gentle creatures having been forced into seclusion or
banishment, daring to slither forth, only under concealment of darkness
The carnage rages on
It's open season upon them
Hunted relentlessly by Skin Head Euberalies,
The Notorious,Creeptoid, Hair Police, Bow-flexer Muscle Head Coy,
Speedo Freaks, Men's Wearhousers and a whole cast of militant
 geeks in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Many of you would rush to save a mountain gorilla,
forsaking your cousin Hippie,even though Hippies
are genetically almost just like you
It has been estimated by the year 2035, Hippies will have virtually,
disappeared from nature.
This is why, we must work hard to set aside a permanent Hippie homeland...
A sanctuary where  Hippies can majestically once again
roam freely..
Some day, when your cloned, test tube, grand kid asks...
What is a Hippie? You don't want
to have to load them up and whisk them off in your minivan, SUV, or more likely,
some mini/maxi-Cooper on tracks
to some lit up mega wax museum tourist trap m
supermall circus,  pagan,carnivale.
a non-smoking,disability friendly, 
hippie display,
in the extinct man section
stuffed under glass like a barn owl,
 wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt, Earth Shoes,
sporting a sheepish grin, flippin peace signs ,
in lying cross legged indian style, in their day-glo painted, V.W. Bus. 
and the song  'love the one you're with' on auto repeat.
We can do better 
So, make a real difference
For less than a dollar a day.
your donation can feed and bivouac
a hippy for three days.
 it's critical you take action today 
to do your small part 
to save the hippies from extinction.

Copyright 2010
All rights reserved as is by author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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