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I used to call her Frau Fankel,
I never did know her real name.
We stayed with her on the Mosel
That very first time that we came;
And I told her how in up Effeld
We played that dice game Snake Eyes
With, just for ease of choice,
Steinaeger as the loser's prize.

I told her more of Steinaeger,
That drink I remembered so well,
With its sort of oily appearance
And taste of its own as well.
Frau Fankel produced a dusty bottle
From the depths of a cold drinks drawer
And I was face to face with my nemesis
A bottle of Steinaeger once more.

I tossed a full measure down,
Really in a panicky haste,
And felt in my throat once more
That guts wrenching and dreadful taste.
I washed my mouth out very quickly
With a good measure of cold Pilsner beer
Before bowing so slowly to Frau Fankel
And she and the staff gave a cheer.

For a dare is a dare is a dare
And here up in Yorkshire we say
About your money and your mouth
And I reckon that's still my way.
As for that long past experience,
My memory had served me so well
For that little local schnapps drink
Still tasted like a mouthful from hell.

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