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Snake's Eye

We played at the Chief's in Effeld
A deceptively simple game
Which, only for the unlucky loser
In any way lived up to its name;
On just a table or any flat surface
And just five fiendish little dice
With rules so very simple
You didn't need learn them twice.

He who threw one, number seven
Got to choose the loser's drink
Had to do it quickly
Given little time to think.
He who threw one, number fourteen
By rules long established and played
Had to reach inside his wallet
For he was the player who paid.
He who threw one number twenty one
Got to claim the awful prize,
The reward for being the one
Who threw the dreaded Snake's Eye.
We only played for Steinaeger
That most dreadful tasting of schnapps
But there were no such restrictions
In the games of most  of the chaps.

I've seen some strong men tremble
At some of the concoctions they drank
And more than one man unconscious
After some of the drinks that they sank.
It was no game for any sissies
Surviving unscathed was the only prize
For  only the brave or the very foolhardy
Played more than one game of Snake Eyes.

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Snake`s Eye