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 Every Song

We danced the evening away, moving as one;
Back to back nights, capturing  fun on the run.
Sweat soaked, twirling with abandoned dignity;
Dancing to every song, downtown in the city.

Country, beach, Motown, rock, and hip-hop;
We wished the music would never have to stop.
In Roanoke, then on Main Street Covington;
Dancing to every song,  boy, did we  have fun.

The music and heat melts the soul's hard heart;
Dumping out the blues, then joy begins to impart.
Yes, we are a pair of dancing fools, without doubt;
Dancing to every song; united, we twist and shout!

Love and romance grows where there are no weeds;
Flowing naturally, each sensing one another's needs.  
Not caring if I look a fool, not needing a single drink;
Dancing to every song, we move together in sync.



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