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Sentinel ii

In a timeless time
In an unmeasured space
It observed and regulated
From Its appointed place.

There were twenty seven universe
To which It held the key,
Twenty seven parallels where
It was obliged to be.
And It moved from plane to plane
Instantly changing form
Automatically choosing
The current plane norm,

Carrying out adjustments
 Making the odd repair
Adjusting ecosystems
As required here and there.
In some planes It was suspected,
Hailed as a prophet or a god.
Worshipped and revered
But thought this nothing odd,

Just carried out Its duties
As Its programme said
For in all Its form It had
No thoughts in any head.
A mechanic of the intellect
Passing from plane door to door
Conscious only of Its tasks and need
 To recharge to perform once more.

It felt no heat,
And It felt no cold,
And in measureless time,
It was immeasurably old.

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Sentinel ii