once upon a time

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Can peace be found in redemption?
It's always the road least traveled.
We enjoyed living life
On the road of perdition.

Savoring the forbidden fruits believing,
We are jack the lad, one of the damned.
Though once that cell door slams shut,
Then we find out if, having done the crime,
Let's see if we can do the time.

That's when the mind starts running down
The freedom road, no more jack the lad,
On your own, thinking of redemption,
Peace of mind that elusive concept you
Always abhorred in other folk, easier to sneer.

Now the dogs of war have drawn blood.
Snapping,yapping at your heels nowhere
To run the perdition road has brought
You low, can you find the redemption road.
By reflecting on past hurts, and crimes
After all time is the only ally you have.


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