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Be Tom T-Terrific

Are you good, over there?
Yeah, I'm Tom T-terrific.
Really, what's wrong, are you sure?
Hey, there's no point in being specific.
I'm doing my best
on getting along and getting by.
Still trying to keep moving
winging as the unsteady crow
nightly flies.
If you don't go with the wind,
then the wind will blow you down.
If you can't push on, you'll be pushed over,
be moved on in this kinda town.
So what kinda town is it,
or more importantly,
what kinda is it, ain't?
The unkinda kinda
that leaves a wormy ring in your mouth
a queasy kinda taint.
So you get into the habit
of rinsing out your mouth.
And you get into the habit
of not taking any tastes,
til you become mean and hungry,
til life's a famine,
and you let it go to waste.
Should you malinger on here?
Or should you mosey on out?
With your ass tucked in neat behind you,
your confidence unraveled, puckered out?
Or do you get spit-fired up,
grit and bare your rotting teeth?
Do you bite the unsteady hand who thinks he feeds you?
Do you bark back at that screaming idiot
who thinks he carries the torch, wears the wreath?
No, this kinda life form
could never have an enlightened clue
its wasted now, your righteous indignation,
be Tom T-Terrific,
the actor actress,
in your finest role,
play the damnedest, happy fool.

 Copyright August 30th, 2010.

Yes, Sarcasm Is Me, like Toys R' Us.
Whatever works and makes me feel better, cuz the b* who screamed at me/us will be
none the wiser. I don't even think he/she/it knows what poetry is...too bz on
that i-phone of his/hers/its. Well, this is more of a rant, and yes, this rant
made me feel better, which is good, no damn-fine medicine.

Melissa A Howells/MELOO        Tilt-A-World

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