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Birmingham New Street

I had sex with an ex in Birmingham
on a day of cold grey drizzly rain,
while drifting through her window
the chuntering of an old diesel train.

We'd once been such an item,
a real affair of the heart
then for no apparent reason
had just drifted apart.

And this hadn't been a love making,
just a curiosity of old friends
both perhaps a bit relieved when
it had come to its end.

We'd laid there comfortably chatting
about people and things from our past
until it was getting late
and it was time for me to leave at last.

A half embarrassed doorstep kiss,
then I was out into the rain
walking towards the station
to wait for my last evening train.

From Birmingham New Street
past neat houses in rows,
so, pleasantly sated, I
lounge in my carriage and doze.

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Birmingham New Street