spelling his name incorrectly
typing fast
because it will not last
the pounding
of the keys
oh please
not writing much
and not
in touch
the free
it is it's
been knowing
the raps
are laps
i do not want
to seem to
i am such
a card
can't seem
to care
to even
get it
a little
at a time
but this rhyme
hasn't been flowing
so you cannot be knowing
what i need
or i want
it's not about me
i know that
even if
i do not have
heard it before
what is more
have not been
sharing or much caring
about myself
try to live
in the blah
of the wealth
of the usa
but not doing okay
like i once was
like this dunce does
will expired
are long and wired
it cannot be taken
with a grain of salt
and of course
it's all
my fault
i swear
i am
living here
in the silence
of the internet
will be back
cause the attack
of writing
it just comes
am a bum
for poetry
think in these weird
rhymes you see
it cannot be forgotten
even when i want to forget
that i do not fit
most anywhere
still somehow
try to fit here
do not win
the contests
blessed i guess
it is not
about the place
of first
it could be worse
could have no fingers
no long line
that lingers
as i close my eyes
just type
go on gripe
it is my soul
that i let roll free flowing
think i hear some thunder rolling outside
here ride
in a room
with pink rug
with a key board that will hug a lot of me
if i just free
rhymes inside
the run i hide
for some other stupid
day when some other person
can curse because i act a fool
be cool
with that
be a brat and
type your time away
in fantasy do stay
for as long as you can
life's cold
my poetry demands
do more
some verse of longing
not belonging
but in the tick of type
O here
O dear
to you
so easy to say
thoughts that prey
on my mind
where God divine
sees in me
an angel
trying to be gracious
in poetry
all one can ask for
to be shown the way
ask for it as constantly pray
that life's for me
even if old
time does flee
away way away
somewhere somehow someday
will fly on skies of white if i just close my eyes
hear the tick-type sounding of the night.

9/4/2010 0128 cj

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