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My Last Poem

This is it - my last poem about you.
I'm sick of pouring my life into you.
This is it.
I'm forgetting it.
You're done.
You won.
No more liking you.
No more wanting you.
And no more chasing you.
You say with your lips one thing,
But then you do another.
We get mad at each other.
You say dumb things too,
Things like "I don't hate you".
Prove it if it's true.
But I'm through.
This is it -
My last poem about you.

~DaYnA e. 2003

I write.
I cry.
I die inside.
All over you.
And yet, I'd do that my whole life because the moment I met you - the moment I loved you. The moment you broke me - the moment I still loved you. And during the moment you act like I hate you, and that I'm at fault, and I'm mean and don't say nice things was the same moment I loved you. So what do I do? Chase you? *again*? heh. I don't know what to do..

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My Last Poem