Tattoos in Mayberry

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An immaculate parasite.
Too exotic, exquisite and cunning to perish.
A delicious, non-nutritive, supplement to plan b.
everything breaks lose around us.
Peering out at this creation from the
corners of your eyes, watching me, watching, waiting.  
I wonder sometimes  why you bother spending your time and energy
with that steely look, locking me down. Am I a zoological oddity.
just another chlorophylactic house plant buzzed by a bee.
in some monstrous greenhouse menagerie.
stuffed with dusty, musty rejectables.
up and down histories halls.  
From showroom floor to ceiling walls
aquiring specimens like eagle scouts
accruing merit badges.
Maybe you're the courageous one.
Much more brilliant than I.
You may outlast me.
With your venti espresso americano's, that could make a coma victim do the hustle.
Jet airplane fuel gushes from your fuselage. Locked and loaded,
ready to launch.
At times, I've wondered
am I even close to being one of your favorite clown boys?
Do I have an unhealthy competition for your affections with your cat?
I admit, I am vying for primary attention and affection.
He is much better than I at waiting.
He seems
to think you are his wife, but just aren't aware of the union yet.

I wonder if this man/child male cat can see the error of his ways?
Should I ask you to marry me?
We were in turmoil when soul cat was sent by the Gods to do his level best
to further drive the wedge between us.  
Who is this nine pound titan trapped inside a cats body?  
Are we both mere
collectibles for you.
Both waiting,watching
immaculate parasites in service to you,
our most gracious host.

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