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She stands behind her counter
smiles politely at my please
as I order my sandwich lunch
of ham salad and cream cheese,
which she hands to me carefully
with my change, and turns away
to the customer next in line
this busy part of her busy day.

from a distance of hours from a dream
she is the one who with ecstatic scream
challenged me with joyful face
to be the man and match her pace
clawed my body ground her hips
spasmed  to collapse and kiss my lips
held me tight made the moment last
body pressed to body until it was past
in a maybe little doze half an hour or so
until reluctantly  both had to dress to go
and perhaps it maybe seemed
to be a moment we'd just dreamed
a goodbye kiss at the door to the street
until next time strangers if we meet

She is so busy now
and I suppose know
there's a time to stay
and a time to go;
she barely acknowledges
my whispered goodbyes.
Her hand moves unconsciously
brushing  the fringe from her eyes.

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