once upon a time

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I'm sitting here in this comfortable armchair
Drinking, and doing some mutterings about the
State of the world. It's easy thinking watching
The news as one is drinking to expound
Your views about the disasters here, and there
around the world not that i care I'm drinking.

Give the odd shout of remorse
Shudder amidst your mutterings but don't
Ask me to help rebuild a structure I'm here
Doing nothing only drinking, and saying
How awful those poor people.
My platitudes easing my conscience knowing
I don't really give a damn.

I'm just drinking, and doing some useless
Easy thinking as i put on another sad song
Singing my slurred way through
The lyrics, and at the end of each useless
Verse congratulating myself on my selflessness.
Thinking when I'm drinking I really care.

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